Marble Slabs in Toronto Make Home Renos Pay Off

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Your Home Renos Will Pay Off with Marble Slabs in Toronto

Natural stone is one of the world’s earliest building materials and most of the oldest remaining structures on the planet are made from stone.
Marble slabs add a chic factor to Toronto homes and are the perfect upgrade for renovation projects.

The Marble Distinction

When it comes to deciding what kind of material to use for home renovation projects, a lack of options is not an issue. There are other stones used in homes that try to imitate marble, but can never replicate its high-end quality. Among the most common impostors are travertine and granite.
Travertine is a type of limestone formed by layers of mineral deposits over time. It is a porous stone and is generally less expensive than marble. Colour options are minimal and travertine is almost always white, off-white or beige.
Granite can also look similar to marble, but it comes from an entirely different type of rock. The product of an igneous rock, granite is formed from molten rock that has cooled and hardened. Granite has a grainy or speckled look to it and is veined with fine lines; however, some marble will closely resemble marble.

What Makes Marble Remarkable

Marble is a metamorphic stone and is created by the chemical alteration of sediment into a denser form through heat and/or pressure. The resulting stone is crystalline in nature and is what gives it its shine. Marble has veins of mineral deposits that give it a pattern. No two slabs are exactly alike.
Available in a wide variety of colours, marble comes in hues of white, black, gray, yellow and green. Some marble slabs have prominent veins, while others have more subtle patterns.

A Finishing Touch in a Toronto Home

The most common finishes for marble slabs are honed, polished and leather. Finish affects the look and performance of marble:
  • Polished – A grinding and buffing process results in a high-gloss surface that brings out the details of the marble’s colour, veining and character. Even though polished marble is the least porous of the finishes, it is the most vulnerable to being etched by household cleaners and acids.
  • Honed (Matte) – This look is created by sanding the marble so that it has a smooth finish. The marble will have almost a soft feel to it and won’t show as many scratches or flaws as a polished finish. But honing marble slabs will open its pores, making it more susceptible to staining.
  • Leather – Adding a leather-like texture to a honed surface creates this look. A leather finish is glossy, but not reflective like a polished finish and is generally used for dark marbles. This style is an effective disguise for fingerprints and other imperfections.
To keep marble slabs in top shape, it’s important to care for the stone properly.

Marble Slabs for Toronto Renovations

Loved by the ancient Greeks and Romans, marble slab carries the weight of its legacy, but including it in your Toronto home is no longer limited to the wealthy.
From elegant bathroom upgrades to functional, kitchen renovations, marble slabs for Toronto home renovations provide a custom home improvement experience like no other.